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Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Creating a functioning space for our crazy-schedule.

So Many Papers! And newsletters, school worksheets, homework, sports schedules etc.

School Days

“You Must Be So Organized With All Those Kids.” - random people have said.

Sure! Okay, maybe not so much. I want to be transparent as opposed to making you believe I have it all together. I used to be 101% organized. Like the annoying type of organized. I'd never need a post it note or need to write things down so I wouldn't forget. Everything had it's place and it was always put back. Overly neat and tidy. That was 8 kids ago.

Our kids bring home so much random paperwork, my mom-brain is fried by the first week of school. Oh I have great intentions of staying organized and making it thru until Christmas Break before falling apart a little but that's just not reality.

You'd think the school would realize that having 5 kids in elementary school that we don't need 5 copies of everything. (Literally, this makes me go crazy quicker than anything and it's just such a waste of paper and ink). HA!

What We Keep & What We Don't

“Mom, You threw away my _____!" ~ All the children

Imagine if I kept everything they brought home. I can't even imagine. They work hard all week and they bring home all their completed worksheets on Friday afternoon.

{Ah, now I need to keep all their papers and share a pic at the end of the week! Noted}.

We keep their art projects and if they get 100% or A's, those papers get displayed on the fridge. Sentimental art pieces are kept and filed away as keepsakes or I snap a picture of it to preserve it and print out later.

Fill Them Up With Words Of Affirmation!!!

I make sure to praise each child on their work and what they've done.

Great Job! You Did Great! You're So Smart! And Let's Try Harder Next Time.

Then I toss their worksheets after they leave the room. For real tho! They don't like to see their hard work being tossed even if it's a basic tracing sheet.

Transparent Moment:

Sometimes I hide it deep in the trash just to avoid getting caught and having to explain why I didn't keep all their school work.

Calendar Command Center

To keep up with all things we have going on, we made a command center this past August when school began.

Thanks to lot's of DIY projects I had several unused gallons of paint left in the garage. I mixed a little of this and a little of that together and ended up with a dark Navy-Slate-Matte color and chose a wall we walk by 100 times a day as the main center point.

A Dry Erase Calendar is a must! Hobby Lobby has several cute ones! Don't forget to use the 40% online coupon! Only the important events are logged on the dry erase calendar. These dates also match my paper planner for back up! (We have 9 kids and sometimes things get erased...always have a back up plan, right?).

Oh, and make sure you have all permanent markers put away because they tend to look similar to the dry erase markers and sometimes the kids can't tell the difference. Not that I'd know anything about this...heard it from a friend. There may or may not be a permanent R somewhere on our calendar.

A clipboard holds all the sports practice schedules. It's easier to flip thru these than have it take up every solitary square on our calendar and let's just be real, that's just too much to write down.

We made a simple Emergency Contact document that also has the kids birthdates, our address, 911 and any local emergency number written down. This is kept on a 12x12 magnetic board erase board right below our calendar; right there at eye level for the kids! Plus, this also helps as a quick reference when I need to rattle off all their birthdays in order without having to think about it.

Keep schedules simple to view and easy to access. The less cluttered the calendar is, the less anxious and stressed out we all feel.

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