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Updated: May 17, 2020

Best Reads. Staying grounded and Surviving Motherhood on Coffee and Prayers.

I love to read. I love Non-fiction books that I can apply to my personal life, church, hobbies & parenting. The challenge is, I like to read books in one sitting. It's somewhat like a Netflix binge but in literary form. By the time I get to 'The End', the house looks like it was taken over by monkey's and the kids think they run the show. So, reading a good book doesn't happen very often.

Prayer Time Has Become This Constant Circle and Ongoing Conversation With God, All Day Long.

No, it has nothing to do with overly spiritual because I'm a Pastor's Wife or serving life in ministry; some days I'm just trying to navigate and survive and stay grounded. There are times I get envious of other's who have designated prayer time that's uninterrupted or side swiped by distractions. By nature, I'm an analyzer so I over analyze everything, which becomes exhausting in general.

Parenting kids from broken places, absorbing their trauma and brokenness is emotionally taxing especially when you're observing them constantly, every day. Most people may assume I have a designated time set aside for devotions on a daily basis. Yes, digging into God's word is important and I do try to set time aside to do that but to be honest, it doesn't happen daily. A quick 5 minute daily devotion doesn't take me far during the day. Yes, it's a good reminder butI like to dig in and have an extensive time for devotions or prayer without distraction. (Just keeping it real).

I talk to God quite a bit throughout the day and I often wonder if He ever thinks: "What could you possibly need me for again so soon?" Adoption has brought parenting to a complex level. We are nothing without God and there's no possible way we could parent our crew without His sovereign grace and strength. For where we have weaknesses he equips us to handle whatever they throw our way.

Transparent Parenting Moment:

We have adopted 4 children who have experienced the direct effects of war.

A few weeks ago, there was a car accident that wiped out a pole line and about 1,000 houses lost power. Ours was one of them. It was evening and already dark. The lights went out and our adopted daughter spiraled out of control in sheer fright and screaming at the top of her lungs. It was odd...it was the same reaction she expressed when she heard the Forth of July fireworks.

There wasn't even time gather candles or rationalize to calm her down. It was horrifically unnerving and my first reaction was to get her out of the house quickly and go look at Christmas lights around our block.

I called Trevor and explained what was unfolding. He had referenced this with our adopted teen who was with him at the time and fear was also expressed.

When war broke out and active fighting occurred it was common for electric to be lost for days on end. Firing shots and grenades could be heard. This situation was a deep reminder and trigger that quickly turned our normal family time into a spiraled out of controlled trauma moment.

There have been countless moments just like this that we don't often share because it's just become our new normal.

We seek God out so often during the day that it's surpassed any type of prayer time or times for regular devotions.

Some of my favorite reads

Books that have stood out over the years that have become my personal favorites.

God In My Corner, by George Forman.

Yeah, That Georg Foreman...the one who promoted that grill. Great book! I had a similar spiritual encounter as he referenced to in his book.

Too Small To Ingore; Why the Least of These Matter.

This book altered the way I view my children and often times how I parent! Such a good book!

Influencer; The Science of Leading Change.

If you're a leader at heart, this is a good book! I bought it at an airport oddly enough before departing to Ukraine.

A Fine Young Man, by Michael Gurian.

If you're raising boys, read this! I promise you will look at your son's through a whole new lens!

Seamless, by Angie Smith

If you are looking at a way to view the whole bible and piece it all together in a way you can easily understand, this study is phenomenal. Do it alone so you can dig in deep and then find a group of gals to share it with!

The Best Yes, by Lysa Terkeurst

I'm a "Yes, I can do that" type of girl. Which means I often find myself in over my head with commitments at times. Too many obligations have funneled into one week's time and I have nearly had meltdowns from the amount of stress. Learn to say no and learn to let others lead. Being a good leader (especially in ministry) is knowing your limits of what you can do well and also create the ability to allow others to help out so the burden isn't as heavy. Delegating can be a challenge when you know you are more than capable to do the task yourself.

The Struggle is Real!

Heaven, by Randy Alcorn

Trevor actually suggested this when we first got married. Highly recommend this book! Completely altered my view of Heaven. Make it a must on your next to read list!

We Found You, A Ukraine Adoption Story, by Trevor and Shanna Littleton

(shameless plug)

We wrote book and reference for adoptive parents. A glimpse inside our first adoption story and how it all came to fruition. Inbox or leave us a comment and we can hook you up with one!

Raising Your Spirited Child by, Mary Kurcinka

If you have a spirited child or question what that is, go out and buy this book! I could have easily highlighted every page! We have an introverted spirited child and an extrovert spirited child. This solved so many questions we had about our two children!

The Fussy Baby Book; Parenting your High-need child from birth to age five. By Dr Sears.

When our third child was born we asked the nurse just a few minutes after giving birth why our baby was crying so much and if that was normal. Seven months later, he was still crying all day long. This book was my lifeline for 7 months. Genius! It's my number one book I suggest to all mother's who give birth to fussy babies.

The Birth Order Book, by Dr Kevin Leman

Ever wonder why you are the way you are or what on earth is wrong with your kids and why they act the way they do? Read this book! It explains so much!

Shadows: The Avonlea Saga by, Trevor Littleton

I married an author! Ok so he's written several books but Shadows, The Avonlea Saga actually hit number one on the Amazon Best Seller's list a few years ago! Yeah, I'm proud of him and all of his writing accomplishments. He's the 'real author' and {Doctor} in the family. I'm just his supportive side kick.

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