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Hello 2020 - a Few Days Later!

Christmas Chaos, Filling Cavities & Bottling up Ghetto Sass.

The Twenty's!!! Giddy and excited for this decade because I absolutely love the 1920's era. Anyone else hopeful that the Gatsby fashion will make a comeback soon? Really? Me too! We happened to have a 1920's themed wedding which seems like it was yesterday!

This decade has been abundantly fuller than we could have ever imagined! Multiple houses, several towns and seven more kids we added to our family. How was your Christmas? Have you detoxed from all the sugar? Is your Christmas decor all organized nicely and packed away? Have you made a New Year's resolution? I'm keeping my tradition of not having one.

We were so abundantly blessed with many holiday gatherings and delicious sweet treats that people so generously gave us for Christmas this year. Truly enjoyed by all but pretty certain at this point, if the kids even smell sugar they will get a cavity. There's a total of 280 teeth in our household to take care of (minus the one that kiddo #4 lost before we walked out the door for school this morning), and for some reason cavities have been a theme here the past two weeks. I promise I make them brush! Daily.

Oh, speaking of teeth, in case you run into kiddo #7, his baby teeth absolutely refuse to wiggle free so he's temporarily earned the name Baby Shark until his dentist decides it's time to pull them. (which is a window of 6 more months). He's finding this highly entertaining to show-off these extra teeth so, I'm just going to apologize in advance on his behalf.

Don't worry, he won't bite.

Christmas was creative yet again! Year five that we have somehow found a way not to wrap all the gifts. This year the Elves took over and left clues on the tree as to where the kids gifts were hidden. The little kids thought it was a blast but, the teens were not impressed to get up before 7am to go on an impromptu treasure hunt for their gifts. I woke up with no voice on Christmas morning, which The Mr. thought was Santa's way of blessing him {Merry Christmas to him} however kiddo #9 was so sad that Santa stole Mom's voice and wouldn't bring it back.

Why is it, you don't realize how fast your children are growing until you cram them all together for a picture!

We had high hopes of ringing in the New Year in great fashion! You know, the kind of evening where you stay up late, eat good-luck foods and ring in the new year with a kiss and confetti?

Does anyone else do 4 loads of laundry on New Year's Eve? That was definitely the highlight of our evening. {sarcasm}. The last load left evidence of a blue crayon and several ruined pairs of pants. If we are FB friends, then you may have run across that post. Eleven people sure do blow through outfits! Keira may have worn her new Christmas Cat Pants for three days in a row; perks that come with Christmas break and not being seen in public.

(An oldie but goodie and one of my most favorite pics of kids sock-sorting).

Basically, we rang in the new year with putting the kids to bed early and calling it a day at 10:30 pm. We will have 360-some more days to live up the 20's. Bring it on!

The lack of routine every day for two weeks was a little testing for some of the little Littleon's. We thrive best when we are in a good groove, when the kids know what's expected every day and when they have a routine. Although it's also good to have some leisurely down time, it's hard for our kids who struggle with self-regulation to be, well . . . self-regulated.

Not mentioning names here however our blonde haired, blue eyed, Ukrainian Princess probably had the most challenging time during the holidays with the lack of routine. It brought out some of her (what I often refer to as European Ghetto-sass) which she forgot to leave half way across the world in Eastern Europe when we adopted her. Don't worry, tonight we have contained it in a jar and it's presently sitting outside on the front porch.

Ya'll, her Ghetto Sass has been outside for three whole hours and so far - so good!

Aiming for an early bedtime just to reduce the chances it creeps under the door crack. When it was time to take the dog out tonight, kiddo #5 was hesitant to go outside and asked if the Sass would stick to her when she walked by the jar. Kid #1 and I are hopeful someone will steal the jar during the night and not return it.

Disclosure: Ghetto Sass may be loose in Lake County Ohio since the lid appears to be gone.

Although this decade has started off a little awkward in the Littleton Household, (and it's only the 6th...no wait, it's the 7th of January) we are grasping a little more parenting humor this year, taking more time out to be still and document our memories and say 'yes' to a lot more impromptu adventures because life is short, kids grow up WAY too fast and there's only 50 more weeks and 4 days until Christmas 2020! {you're welcome}.

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