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Lake Life. The Big Move with 9 Kids.

And we all survived to tell about it.

Oh hey there friends! Guess What? We moved!

Okay, so we actually moved a few short months ago but life has been so crazy-busy trying to find a whole 'new normal' while getting everyone acclimated that I haven't had time to update.

The last time we moved it was about 4 1/2 years ago with five less kids and a lot less beds.

So, the Mr. of the household had a few potential job opportunities that could have landed us in far off corners of the U.S. however, our very specific list of 'hopes' that we all had during this journey actually landed us almost three hours north east of where we used to live.

Can you believe that everyone was in favor of this location? Of course, we all were saddened in ways to leave our previous church and say goodbye to dear friends, Kingdom work can be so challenging but, when we all learned that this is where God was calling us, we were ALL IN.

Well not everyone.

The cat was the very least impressed with the moving chaos. She actually got so sick from stress and the whole house being in complete disarray; not knowing where on earth was going on, that we had to take her to the vet for medication.

We were very open to moving anywhere in the US. Literally anywhere. And some of those opportunities were open and available offers to accept however, when it came right down to it, staying close to loved ones and making memories with family was also important to us as well. We are now just a few walking steps away from the shores of Lake Erie and calling it home!

Crazy, right? Nearly three hours from where we lived before.

So we had several important factors on our relocation wish list (besides the potential ministry opportunity).

We really wanted a great school district for our kids. Like the kind of school district that makes you want to cheer on the teams, buy the school gear and sport a school mascot sticker on your van window. Our kids have transitioned so well into school! We've not yet had to tote them thru the front doors like we were carrying a football with flailing arms and legs. (HA)!

We really wanted to move to a town with culture and history. Although some of the locals have opinions of their own, there was definitely a vibe we got driving thru the historic parts of town. It just felt quaint and we eagerly felt like we wanted to plant some good roots here and settle for a while.

Local coffee shops were a must!

This absolutely made this made the list. (It's as if you don't know me at all).

Sure, I love a good Starbucks grande caramel brûlée latte with an extra shot of espresso but, I really missed a quaint coffee shop with a barista that you could remember their name and feel like you were in a Hallmark movie when you walked in.


Oh my goodness how I have missed so many sunsets over the past few years. Literally, there were several times I'd load the kids up for an impromptu drive in hopes to find a location where we could catch a good glimpse of the sun setting but, even then it was slightly disappointing. Lake shore sunsets do not disappoint in the slightest. To be honest, they have been the most breathtaking sunsets I have ever seen.

When I get a bazillion dollars, I want to enlarge this on a mural size canvas and put it somewhere in our new house. Not too bad for an iPhone pic!

Ahhh, Unpacking, painting and making our home our own.

Yeah, we haven't even gotten that far yet. Seventy-five percent moved counts, right? Life has been super-fast paced. We have barely had time to slow down to think about being creative with our new space. One thing I have learned from our previous moves is not to rush into painting the second you move into a new house because in a month or two you'll want to redo it because you painted on a whim. Besides that, nothing inspires you to get out paint cans and a paint brush like the idea of nine kids getting hyper off fumes and touching all the walls!

So, here we are, ready or not, we are all-in for this new life adventure.

Making new memories and meeting new friends. Scoring goals and acing tests. Sharing laughs and wiping tears. Printing pics and trying to blog (the struggle is real). Taking walks and watching sunsets. Finding lake glass and splashing in the tide.

We are home!


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