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Oh hey there Summer!

HAPPY WEEKEND! We FINALLY made it!! We're alive and. . . it's almost FALL! (say what?)

Yeah, so I'm not sure how that happened but we have packed so much life into this summer that someone (not mentioning any names here) forgot to update the family blog! #oops

To be honest, this summer has been blissful compared to last summer. Last summer we were still in the midst of transitioning 3 new family members and adjusting to our 'new normal'. It was such a blur. Heck, this summer has been a blur too but for different reasons.

Does anyone else struggle remembering all-the-things because every day there's just so much chaos that your brain just turns to mush by 9 P.M.?

So what's new? Well. . . let's see.

Language: You guys, our newest adopted kids are fluent in English! (well almost).

That means this summer has been filled with lots of conversations, humor, jokes and connecting on a higher level, which lets be real, that's been such a huge weight that's been lifted because the language barrier can be a real struggle.

All 3 kids have caught on quickly to American slang and funny phrases (and sometimes phrases that they shouldn't repeat because they don't fully comprehend what they mean exactly). #hashtag Pastor Kid Problems.

For Example: One of our favorite sayings: "Can we go get some fun today?" Because we know that fun just isn't going to come find us!

We went to get some fun this summer and have made some awesome memories so far!

Family Vacations, weekend adventures, zoo trips, ice cream splurges, camp fires, bike rides, sleep overs and more! So much fun. So many memories. {sigh}

Some summer happenings that the kids thought were worth sharing! (I asked).

1 thru 9: in no particular order.

#6 #4 #9 and #8 Lost teeth: A total of 6 wiggly teeth fell out so far this summer!

#9 learned to whistle! There's been lots of practice happening.

#6 learned to braid hair! For a girl this is a big achievement!

#4 Built the coolest creations out of LEGOs.

#2 Can touch the basketball rim at the highest setting.

#1 Rescued a rare migrating bird (Wildlife rescue + mealworm supplements = all is well)!

#5 Can write notes better.

#7 Speech has become clearer and sentences have increased in length.

#3 Offered to volunteer for an Animal Rescue Organization.

Now that school days are upon us, (how can that be already?) that means all the kids pants are too short or too tight or have too many holes to wear in public.

Or as Miss Sofia says, "our pants are broken".

Speaking of pants, we have quite the Sock Saga in our household. This is one of my all time favorite pics of the kids sorting socks! It's an oldie but goodie!

If you sort and match socks regularly, you win. I literally think every human in our household despises sock sorting and matching which is why it never gets done.

May they all grow up to marry someone who loves sorting socks.

Basically after all of the sorting and 'bid-farewelling' of socks with no matches, the kids now own 1 pair of socks each. Oh, and we ( I mean "I") also ditched socks with patterns. {gasp}. School days are easier with all white or all black socks. Boring, I know.

I'm sure this traumatizes their childhood in some ways wearing such boring socks however, I'm sure if they all grow up and each have 9 children (Oh the things I have wished upon them: "may you each have children like yourselves") I'm sure they will then understand our current Sock Saga Shenanigans.

They will at least look normal during the first few weeks of school with the match-matchy socks.


The kids also reminded me of the all-so-many-crafts and bucket list items we haven't yet done this summer because, well, their list was enormous and we've been busy with all the other things.

Kids: "Mom, we didn't pick strawberries to make homemade jam."

Mom's Thought: (but the big jar of jelly that Smuckers makes is cheaper and way easier because you all eat jelly with a spoon right from the jar)!

I promise if you eat dinner at our house we will use the "Guest Jelly Jar"!

I hope they don't actually do this with the jelly...I may have just freaked myself out! I'll be adding jelly to the grocery list just in case.

We as moms have such good intentions don't we?

Summer has been bittersweet and thankfully we still have some warmer days left to go get some fun! I sure hope you have gotten some fun this summer too! Until next time!

Much love from,


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