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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

When you fall asleep and forget all about the tooth fairy. Like, Every single time a child has a loose tooth. Total Mom Fail!

Teeth shouldn't fall out. Teeth shouldn't move or wiggle. It's just gross and to be honest, it freaks this Mom out.

Kids love showing off when one starts to move a little, don't they?

"Look at my loose tooth!" (wiggle wiggle)


The story goes something like this.

Child shows off loose tooth.

Mother cringes.

Mother tells child to go show Father the loose tooth (because loose teeth freak her out).

Eventually tooth falls out. (never quick enough).

Child is excited.

Excited child puts tooth under pillow and can't wait for the Tooth Fairy to visit.

Mom goes to bed.

Mom forgets to play 'Tooth Fairy'.

Child wakes up and discovers the tooth is still there and obviously the 'Tooth Fairy' forgot.


This is the part in the story where the symphony plays an expressive dramatic score.

Enters, the Rainbow Tooth Fairy.

The Rainbow Tooth Fairy is very ornery. She never takes the tooth and instead, she makes the child go on a scavenger hunt around the house to find their money gift!

We created this Rainbow Tooth Fairy years ago. Blame it on lack of sleep because of babies sleepless nights but to our favor it has become a fun tradition!

So while the child is on this scavenger hunt, it gives the "Tooth Fairy" (parents) time to actually hide the surprise somewhere in their bedroom or some random place in the house.

If by chance the Tooth Fairy happens to remember, (lets be real, it's very rare) it's because Mom fell asleep and Dad totally came to the rescue before the midnight hours, because he too knows Mom far too well.

This scenario has happened so often that the kids will honestly discuss the happenings before they even go to bed which Tooth Fairy they hope will visit them. Hands down they love the Rainbow Tooth Fairy and seem genuinely disappointed if the 'regular' Tooth Fairy shows up!

*Disclosure. Desperate, sleep deprived parents, you can totally borrow this idea.

We don't mind. Get some sleep. You deserve it!

A Day In The Life.

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