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Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Rollin' and Keepin' it cool.

How we outgrew the standard mini van is beyond me. Maybe we heard, "Move Over!" or "She's looking out my window" one too many times. At one point spoke the words: "I'll never drive a mini van." HA!

Where in the World Are The Littleton's?

“Hey, we just spotted you at _______.” ~ Random person who spotted us.

It's kind of comical at times but, we've been spotted out of town by people we know while traveling who will snap a pic of our van and send it to us for proof of our whereabouts. We literally can't blend in while driving this big ol' beast! It's obnoxious. It seats 15 passengers. Which means we have enough room for all our kids + luggage, backpacks, groceries and whatever else the kids want to pack on our mini road trips.

Assigned Seats

We do have assigned seating arrangements and that was a decision we made before we even left the driveway as we were getting ready to leave for our 14 hour vacation adventure to North Carolina! Each of our kids have their own little personalities and some personalities compliment each other more than others. Which means that's a lot less tattling on road trips. That's a win for everyone...but mostly a win for the parents sanity!

Transparent Confession:

On the way back home from our vacation, I was so deliriously tapped out from the kids asking a billion times how many more minutes or miles until we arrived home that I had a fit of hysterical laughter and had a tiny glimpse at why some animals in nature eat their young. HA!

Roll Call & Boarding Announcement

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of traveling with Littleton's Airline (yes we know it's a van but roll with it, the kids are amused are we)...if applicable, add) continuing: Please be sure all carry on items are stowed under the seat in front of you. Let us know if we may assist you." ~ Driver of The Spy Van {Aka Dad}.

Yes we actually do this service announcement before departing on long road trips. Followed by a Roll Call where each kids name is called out and each child when called on answers: "Here" and giggles.

With our crew it would be easy for one to sneak back in the house to grab a toy that they forgot last minute as we start pull out of the driveway. Not that we'd like to become a Real Life Reality for 'Home Alone' but all I'm going to say is, it could happen.

We also have a little song we sing as they enter the van. One Little Two Little Three Little Littleton's; Four Little Five Little Six Little Littleton's...Seven Little Eight Little 9 Little Littleton's...(in the tune of 10 little Indians) but, I don't think that song is complete quite yet.

After Church Phone Call & Number Tally

There comes a time where you have to take a step back and just laugh that this has become your phase of life. Trevor and I rarely ever drive to church together. We often divide up the kids depending on who is already up. Trevor's weekly obligation doesn't change however, if I am scheduled for worship and need to be there early, I will usually take at least 3 of the kids with me. Trevor will bring the rest when he arrives about 30-45 minutes later.

After church services are over, rounding up our clan can sometimes feel like we are heading cats. We've lined them up and make them stand by the entrance in a single file line until we are ready to leave.

Some kids chant out who they want to ride home with as they run towards a vehicle of their choice. Some climb in and sit down in a seat and then change their mind and want to ride home with the opposite parent. It's chaos. Even the teens have a say who they want to ride home with. Minus the running and changing their mind after seated.

There are times where we will swap a "Haha they chose me" and have a little funny banter about it but for the most part, we just wish they would file in, sit down, and we could get home in a timely manner.

One day maybe but now is not that day. And I'm sure we will miss it when it stops.

Ah, I almost forgot about the funny, but most important part!

So before we even drive out of the church parking lot, one of us will call the other parent to verify how many kids are in each car. Every Sunday. No Joke!

"How many kids you got? {Counting kids...} Ok, I'll see you at home"

{ This is A Day In The Life }

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