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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Hey There!

We could cover quite a bit of family history here but that would be A LOT of writing!

Did you know we are one child short of taking up a whole row at the movie theatre?

That was one of the moments we realized how much our family has grown over the past three years!

We thought a good starting ploint for our (new big family) blog would be when landed back on U.S. soil and officially began our journey as The Littleton's, Party of 11.



Husband + Wife: Lead Preacher & SAHM with photography side gigs

4 Bio kids.

2 Ukraine Adoptions between 2015 and 2018.

5 Adopted Children.

9 kids Total!

Get to Know Us

Trevor: Husband. Lead Pastor. Author. Football, Wrestling and Track Coach.

  • Best Selling Author of Avonlea. Boundless. and Hope Rises.

  • Obsessed with his Ragdoll cat, Ariel, who we all call his Cat Wife.

  • Cleveland Browns Fan

  • Ohio State Buckeyes

  • Lover of 80's Rock

  • Favorite Candy, Cadbury Eggs

  • Fear of snakes

  • Adrenaline Junkie

  • Favorite Meal is Lasagna

  • Doctor of Ministry and Transformational Leadership

Shanna: Wife. Mom. Natural Light Photographer. Worship Back Up Vocalist.

  • Side gig owner and operator of Shanna Littleton Photography

  • Sunshine Chaser

  • Upscale furniture and DIYer

  • Antique & Upscale Thrift Store Seeker

  • Boots with Buckles and Jean Jackets are a Fashion Weakness

  • Would Paint Every Room in the House Gray

  • Favorite Animal. Lemurs

Funny Fact:

  • We have disagreed on the bedroom fan being off or on almost every night of our marriage.

#1 Sergei: Athletic Soccer Star. Artist. Singer. Professional Jokester.

  • Favorite Food: Crab Chips, Pickles and Apples

  • Favorite Team. Barcelona

  • Favorite American Movie: Fast and Furious

  • Fear of Dentists

  • Varsity Soccer and Wrestling

#2 Braylon: Basketball Player. Logo Designer. Quick Wit.

  • Favorite Sports Team Cleveland Cavs

  • Oranges Favorite Food

  • Not a Fan of Water

  • Enjoys Video Games

  • Very Observant and Intrigued by How Things Work

  • Life Dream Goal: Design shoes for Nike

#3 Violetta: Artist. Genius Math Wiz.

  • Loves Batman

  • Likes Skateboarding, Rollerskating and Swimming

  • Abstract Sketcher and Artist

  • Loves Pandas

  • Helps Make the Best Lasagna

  • Athletic

#4 Brielle: Ginger. Dancer. Artist. Crafter

  • Joyful Singer

  • Baker in the Making

  • Unique Fashion Trend Setter

  • Tree Climber

  • Fav Foods. Pickles and Cottage Cheese

  • Constantly in Motion

#5 Riah: Supergirl. Book Signer. Best Helper. Little Mama.

  • Family Task and Chore Monitor

  • Courageous

  • Loves Unicorns

  • Favorite Song: Roar

  • Her story will impact lives for generations

  • Most Dependable

#6 Koen: MineCraft Fanatic. Empathetic. Humorous.

  • Fond of Ants. Names them all Marshal

  • Future Chef and Dessert Connoisseur

  • Looks Most Like Mom. Acts Exactly Like Dad

  • Freckles and Charm keep him out of trouble

#7 Roman: Hero. Little Superman.

  • Obsessed with Cars and Wheels

  • Ornery is His Profession

  • Most observant

  • Hates insects

  • Hearing is his Super Power

#8 Sofia-Kate: Jokster. Sugar and Spice.

  • Asks for Candy on a Daily Basis

  • Professional Hide and Seeker

  • Believes that Princess Sofia The First is a real life story of herself.

  • Hates Ranch Dressing and Jelly.

#9 Keira: Miss Independent. Loves 'All Things Cats'.

  • Obsessed with Cats

  • Really Loves Cats.

  • Wants to Be A Cat

  • Will Swap Out Song Lyrics with Cat "Meows"

  • Night Owl

  • Doesn't like to Color

  • Loves Iced Coffee

As we document our memories and bittersweet moments we don't won't want to forget, we are inviting you to follow along!

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