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Updated: May 17, 2020

Yeah yeah...we've said that before but this time we really mean it.

I can't believe today marks the day we are officially out of the toddler years!

Six years and 9 months ago, I sat at a table across from Trevor's cousin at a dinner banquet and breathed the words "Oh my gosh, we are so done...the thought of ever being pregnant again literally makes me want to throw up."

Let me clarify.

Pregnancy number three was very difficult. Nine months of mild nausea, hormones were in such a funk and then birthing a child who was born screaming and continued to scream for 9 months thanks to severe colic AND 11 (out of the 12) traits of a high need baby...things were definitely not going like I had dreamt about.

Don't worry, he's turned out to be one of the most amazing and easy going kids. We can talk more about that at another time.

(Blog about High Needs Baby. Noted).

Fast forward a few days.

Oh, screaming child with colic (otherwise known as Koen) was now 9 months and finally showing signs of being remotely content and holding food down. {Praise}

So, the weekend of our garage sale and our lengthly home improvement to-do list.

That Saturday we sold a significant amount of furniture, home decor and baby gear we were just 'so done' with. Some newly expectant mother bought the changing table and few small miscellaneous items. I clearly remember helping her load it onto the back of her truck, smiled, waved and wished her all sorts of good luck and congratulations!

Pack and play, bouncy seat, baby tub, stroller and little items I've since forgotten about, all found their way to the next baby blessing that was soon to be entering the world. All we had left was a baby swing and a few totes of clothes I was saving for my sister.


About That Check List of Home Improvements!

What else could we cram into a busy weekend?

Oh yes, lets try to finish painting the basement we were remodeling at the time. Now, before I continue, let's just say that on certain days of the month, girls get a visit from something that's never welcomed. (You know what I'm talking about). Well, that visitor wasn't showing up but, knowing with every pregnancy previously, I had symptoms. Very obvious symptoms! And at this point I had none...not one little symptom that could have been obvious other than 3 days "off" calendar speaking. Whatever...it happens...garage sales and home improvements are stressful. HA!

Now, the jokester of a husband I have (if you know Trevor you will know what I mean by that) he thought it would be reeeeally funny to say several times in reference, 'Wouldn't it be funny if you were pregnant?' followed by laughter and more sarcastic comments.

Dude. Not funny! No it wouldn't be funny!

Now, if you know me, you will know that I occasionally over think things. Okay, maybe more than occasionally but, I thought on this possibility of his sarcastic comment long and hard and there was NO WAY, in terms of the calendar, that this could have been a possibility.

I'll prove him wrong! I mean, what wife doesn't like to be told 'you were SO right' about things?Admit it, we really do. {wink + high-five}.

That extra pregnancy test that was collecting dust under the sink, really came in handy that day let-me-tell-you! Especially taking it so late in the afternoon when you already peed a million times. Ha!


Between the moment where I read the result and somewhere when Trevor was picking me up off the basement floor from severe unexpected surprise (okay, maybe it was more from a lot of shock) we were expecting baby number four!

Oh, did I mention we had "procedures" scheduled the following week?

Yep...True Story! We sold all the baby gear AND one week shy from officially being 'SO done' in medically speaking!

Our Family was complete!


In 2016 we said "We are so done" after our first adoption; after adding 2 more kiddos to our family and two years after that, we added 3 more kiddos to our growing crew, which made 9.

People ask us all the time "So, are you done?"

We say we are...We are...We are so done...right?

I think we're done!

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