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When Your Child is Talented In Ways You're Not.

And you couldn't be more proud of them!

This morning we had an impromptu baking session. Baking isn’t a task that I ever seek out because it’s not something I have the patience for. I’m more of a ‘pinch of that seasoning and a sprinkle of that and what else can I add to this?” kind of cook. I’ve tried baking, I just don’t like the accurate measuring and monitoring down the exact minute for something to reach its full potential. I've been known for my lack of baking abilities and I don't even try to hide the fact that I can't (or more or less don't have the patience and get distracted too easily.

However, I am amazed at the natural born talent that our daughter has for baking at the such a young age. Without instruction has this instinct to know how ingredients work together and what to mix in so the texture ends up being what she knows it should be.

Meanwhile she reminds me that I forgot to turn the oven on for her because her hands are covered in flour and I got sidetracked writing.

As our kids grow, we begin to notice that they have interests, talents and that are not necessarily birthed from a parent. It amazes me how God has created them so unique! Even though they have our DNA there’s that special ‘something else’; something more divine that has been woven and knitted into their core being.

How often do you say?

“You get that from your Dad!”

“Oh, that is SO something your Mom would do!”

Then there’s all those other times you see a child succeed so profoundly in an area you wonder where in the world did that even come from?!

We have had the humble privilege to witness this both through our biological children and also in the children we adopted from Ukraine. Talents divinely given to them and with the love and encouragement from family members, mentors or a friend, those gifts are able to flourish! Sometimes it’s by a child’s own willpower and determination that they take their gifts and run wild with them and will start a movement of positive change; impacting thousands. Sometimes they have so many milestones to reach and overcome that all you can do is fully rely on God to help them get there! For us, this is the case with a few of our children.

Yesterday while shopping I overheard an elderly woman sharing a story of all her kids’ successes now that they were grown adults. From Broadway theater performances to jobs high up in the government realm. The kind man who was listening to her briefly talk about them, complimented her on what a wonderful job she must have done as a parent and asked for her secret! Her response was selfless and one of great humility.

“Oh no, all I did was encourage the gifts that God gave them, they did the rest.”

Here was a mother who was wise in her years, speaking humble truth to others around her. As young parents raising children who will one day become world changers and leave a legacy of their own, I hope we learn to leave a vast void for God to move within a child’s life accordingly to His will and not our own.

As adoptive Moms, we pour into the needs of our children daily! We can be left with a feeling that we fell short in one way or another; consistently pushing against the tidal wave of tasks that hit us the minute we get up in the morning.

We cannot find ourselves in self-reflection or self-gratification, that a child’s success reflects fully on one parent or the other but more on what God has done in their story.

Of course, parents have deep impact on how they raise a child regardless if they are your biological child or adopted. Hopefully it remains a blessing even as they become adults.

Your child is here for a significant purpose. A purpose much greater than you can see but one day maybe you will have the humble privilege to be a part of after they are raised and on their own.

As moms, we are just a very small part of a much bigger plan. We are entrusted with the blessings of a child or children; to protect them from the negativity that may surround them, so they have the ability to flourish to their highest potential and pray they thrive and take hold of that in their own time.

That He who created the havens and earth, knows the smallest of details within your child and they are here for a greater purpose! No matter how small or how big their success are, we are here to be a witness and celebrate all that they are becoming!

Now I'm off to break my gluten free diet for an amazing delicious cut out sugar cookie made by the most amazing little baker in our family!

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